Lifefactory straw cap

Includes Straw Cap and medical-grade silicone straw (bottle not included). Place spout in open position and remove straw. NEW Transparency Collection with clear sleeves. Let the color of your beverage shine through.

The Straw Cap is designed for upright, spillproof sipping (no tipping required).

The pivoting handle provides a great way to carry the bottle and stows out of the way while . Hörppy pullosta ja menoksi! Lifefactory Straw Cap juomapullon korkki. Uudessa straw cap pullossa on kätevä pillikorkki. Kaikki tuotteet testataan huolellisesti, ja tulokset sijoittuvat reilusti kemikaalipitoisuus- ja kestävyysstandardien yläpuolelle.

This innovative bottle features durable glass construction that offers pure taste with no leaching from plastics or . The volume works well for active kids as well as adults seeking a smaller capacity, lighter weight bottle.

The NEW Straw Cap is designed for upright, spillproof sipping (no tipping required). All components made in the U. Dishwasher safe and completely BPA and BPS free, this water bottle includes a straw in its cap for easy drinking on the go. Free shipping on orders over $29. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Your first delivery over $is free. Choose your size, choose your colour, choose your lid. Europe Product assembled in the U. The Glemot remained still a moment, looked up at her, then to Cole.

Pakkauksen mukana tulee yksi pillikorkki ja yksi. Glass Bottle with Straw Cap oz. Pivoting top handle allows.

A oz glass bottle encased by an easy-grip silicone sleeve and topped with a handy flip cap, it is designed to offer pure taste and travel convenience, with no leaching from plastics or chemicals. LIFEFACTORY Juomapullo Straw Cap , 6ml, Royal Purple Pinkorblue. Variant: Choose variant, 6ml, 4ml, 3ml.

Designer, Pam Marcus und Daren Joy.

Tämä 4ml:n kokoinen lasinen juomapullo on väriltään hillityn hiilen värinen ja varustettu näppärällä pillikorkilla ( straw cap ). Huomaathan, että tämän pullon korkki on sellainen, joka saattaa avautua treenikassissa vahingossa. The design criteria for this project was to develop a bottle top that was leakproof, quick to access, and easy to drink from any angle, all while working within the strict client approved material sets. We used the material properties of silicone to . Cap Straw Cap with silicone straw (bottle not included).

Cap is compatible with 350ml, 470ml and 650ml bottles (1 1 and oz). Cut the straw in the case of 350ml bottles. Suitable for the dishwasher. Place the spout in the open position and remove the. Gratis Versand durch Amazon schon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€.

The New Straw Cap is designed for upright, spillproof sipping (no tipping required). Fri från kemikalier och gifter! The thick silicone sleeve is awesome.

This particular model is from the brand new Straw Cap Collection. There a couple of things that I Love about their particular straw cap design.